Everyone Deserves

A Bunch Of Kindness


A Bunch of Kindness is about bringing people together through kind + meaningful gestures to share moments of happiness.

We do things a little differently. We focus on a unique, ever - changing style of blooms and source only fresh, seasonal and locally grown flowers, often directly from local growers of Vienna and the surroundings.

A Bunch of Kindness is not just about gifting beautiful flowers, it’s also about respecting our nature, leaving minimal impact on the environment and supporting our local growers who are doing great things.



Hey! I'm Martina and I'm the head honcho of A Bunch Of Kindness. 

I grew up in a small town in Austria between Neusiedler See and Vienna, where I was surrounded by many different flowers, plants, insects and a beautiful cherry tree of my dad's garden, which is still growing. 

I love bringing people together + doing something good for our planet, through the things I create. 

Oh, and I love my one eyed dog, Lenny :)